Bioeconomy and Energy Working Group

Bioeconomy and energy are two topics of importance for the NSPA regions. As the scope of the WG is wide, topics worked on are prioritised based on the initiatives and focus from the EU.

On bioeconomy, forestry has of course been an important focus. However, the group also has on the work plan for 2022 to look at how to best combine both blue and green bioeconomy, and how the WG best can support initiatives in the region, and work to connect them, and provide the EU perspective.

What has the Bioeconomy and Energy WG done so far?

For bioeconomy, the working group has been focusing on following up the latest forestry-related EU initiative developments, such as the Fit for 55 package and its impact on Northern sparsely populated areas. As a result, the position paper on the EU's Climate package was created in fall 2021. Currently, the working group is developing its second positioning on more specifically Land use and forestry regulation (LULUCF), to be finalised in March 2022. The working group has been in close contact with Åsa Ågren Wikström, the Swedish rapporteur of the Committee of the Regions in regard to the LULUCF regulation, as an aim to support the perspective of the Northern sparsely populated regions in the development of the opinion.

For energy, the focus so far has been on hydrogen. In addition to the position paper on hydrogen listed below, the WG has established an Arctic Hydrogen Platform, an informal meeting point for those involved in hydrogen initiatives in our region. Involved so far are both municipalities, county councils, universities and businesses. The aim is to have
a meeting once a month to share best practices and possible cooperation, as well as being part of a common LinkedIn-group to share information and get input from each other. The group is growing bit by bit, and if anyone would like more information on this, please contact the members of the working group.