Invitation - NSPA network OECD seminar, Kirkenes

The NSPA network welcomes you to the OECD seminar in Kirkenes, Norway 1 October

Infrastructure and accessibility in regional development

The NSPA network welcomes you to the OECD seminar in Kirkenes, Norway. 

The OECD experts will carrie out a study mission of the NSPA Territorial Review process in the participating regions in North Norway, and you are invited to a final joint seminar in Kirkenes.

When: Thursday 1th of October, Thon Hotel Kirkenes


• Regions of the NSPA area (northern parts of Finland, Sweden and Norway) has engaged OECD to do a territorial review in the area. The aim of the report is to identify main trends, challenges and opportunities with related recommendations for the different regions individually and collectively.
• OECD representatives are in Northern Norway in the period 27 September to 1 October to get an insight from the key regional stakeholders about the characteristics of the regions with regard to issues such as their competitiveness, accessibility, service provision and human capital.

Practical information:
• Hotel room booked by us will be at the Thon Hotel (1.245 NOK/night).
• The seminar is free of charge, but dinner is not included

More information about the registration and program 

21 Sep 2015