OECD invites to 3rd meeting of Mining Regions and Cities in Skellefteå, Sweden 12-13 June

The initiative of OECD about developing regions and cities in the world with mining and extraction industries started 2017 and encourages international cooperation among mining stakeholders, including the regions in NSPA.

OECD want to see regions exchange knowledge among each other in the mining and extraction industry and develop recommendations with regional development strategies. Important to bring forward is that the OECD study about NSPA, 2015-2016 is one factor that triggered the mining initiative of OECD. Together with the initiative comes an yearly event with the goal to bring together a broad range of stakeholders. At this years conference in Sweden the 12th-13th of June, the city of Skellefteå will stand as host. It will be the first time the OECD meeting of Mining Regions and Cities takes place in Europe after Chile and Australia.

See the invitation from OECD and read more about the conference:

We are excited to provide you with an updated agenda as well as session guidance for  the 3rd OECD Meeting of Mining Regions and Cities in  Skellefteå, Sweden on 12th - 13th  June, 2019.

The first day  of the meeting will focus on environmental sustainability in mining regions  including: transition to the green economy, local opportunities arising from environmental management, smart specialisation strategies and the circular economy. There will also be sessions with Indigenous peoples and Arctic stakeholders  on  responsible mining and regional development.

The second day  will focus on innovative ways to attract, retain and develop a skilled workforce.  It will include sessions that examine the role of universities in regional innovation and regional skills for the future in the context of digitalization and automation.

During the event, participants will also have the opportunity to explore issues in-depth and network with peers through the following lunch-time dialogues:

  • Mainstreaming biodiversity with the mining and extractive industry   with the (CAFF) Working Group of the Arctic Council; and,
  • Regional development strategies for a "Just Transition"   - new opportunities for regions specialized in coal and energy production.

To register  please click  here. If you are interested in speaking in one of the sessions and/or participating in the lunchtime dialogues, please email: lisanne.raderschall@oecd.org For further information please  email us!

See you in Skellefteå! /NSPA Coordination group

04 Apr 2019