NSPA views on Cohesion Policy within the EU budget proposal and Next Generation EU

On July 13 the NSPA Steering Committee adopted a position paper on the cohesion policy within the budget proposal and the EU Recovery Instrument, Next Generation EU. Among other things, NSPA welcomes the policy fundamentals of the Next Generation EU to focus on green and digital transition with the European Green Deal as the main strategy and EU Cohesion Policy as the primary investment instrument.

The main messages in the position paper are:

  • NSPA welcomes the focus and extension of EU Cohesion Policy
  • NSPA calls for flexibility and regional adaptation of EU Cohesion Policy
  • NSPA calls for the EU to safeguard the legal status of the European Arctic in REACT-EU
  • NSPA calls for EU to be a vital facilitator for sustainable development in the European Arctic

You can read the entire position paper here

15 Sep 2020