NSPA’s views on the revision of EU Arctic Policy

The EU policy tools for innovation and growth should be further developed and linked to the EU Arctic Policy to continue to tackle global challenges and unlock the potential for sustainable growth in the European Arctic. That is one of the key messages by NSPA in connection with the 2020 public consultation on the EU Arctic Policy.

The European Union is an important actor on Arctic issues and the NSPA appreciates the engagement by the EU in establishing a link and a dialogue with the regions in the Arctic. The establishment and continuation of an EU Ambassador for the Arctic in Large has also full support from the NSPA.  The three priorities in the integrated EU Arctic communication from 2016 are  all relevant to be further  addressed by the EU and the  member states.  The NSPA argues that sustainable regional development in and around the Arctic is the most relevant priority for the European Union moving forward, not the least  since actions for sustainable growth incorporates partial answers on how to tackle both climate change and geopolitical tensions as well.   

EU highlighting the need to promote and contribute to sustainable regional development in the Arctic is an  accomplishment itself,  and one of the main achievements in the 2016 Joint Communication according to the NSPA.  Nevertheless, the NSPA hopes that the revision process of the EU Arctic Policy can engage the EU institutions to  link the territorial dimension of the Arctic to a wider range of key policy areas.  The wellbeing and living environment of Arctic citizens, together with close cooperation with local, regional and national stakeholders, should serve as the basis of the development of the  European  Arctic policies.   

Follow the link to access the position paper by NSPA here  

05 Okt 2020